You are worried about the safety of the items you buy when they should be forwarded by mail, or by air for overseas and it is normal!These items are fragile or very fragile and require special packaging for shelter inevitable shocks during transport.

To pack the items that you have purchased so that they arrive in perfect condition at home, we proceed by steps:

- The individual packaging glasses (according to the format, in indiviuels boxes or in boxes of 6 glasses)

- Double packaging: small individual boxes or boxes of 6 glasses are placed in another larger box, insulated with polystyrene particles. The invoice is slipped into the package or send by email.

- The second box is carefully sealed with tape and staples.

With this method of packaging, packages pass through the planet without harm. For even more security, we ship parcels colissimo with insurance. This requires a recipient's signature upon delivery. Remember to tell us an address where someone can receive the parcel during the day and don't forget to give us a phone number, essential for transporters.

The day of sending, we send you an email with the tracking number of the package and the address of the website where you can go to track the delivery of your order.