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Loïc Ortega


Son of a glassmaker Meilleur Ouvrier de France, and after obtaining the Diploma of Arts and Crafts Decor architectural - Option glass and crystal glass, Loïc Ortega took over his father's workshop in Baccarat.


Creative artist, all his products are handmade, they are all different and therefore unique.


He proposes on the spot or on his website his superb crystal creations. Jewelry, sculptures, paperweights ... There's something for everyone.


Please visit his shop ...

Pendentifs Loïc Ortega
L'atelier du cristal Loïc Ortega
Création Loïc Ortega
Cristal Loïc Ortega Baccarat
Pendentif cristal Ortega
Crânes cristal Loïc Ortega
Bijou cristal Loïc Ortega
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